In a fast-paced world, we strive to create compelling work to make people slow down and pay attention.

Branding & Identity

Our latest client, Gear Peer, just got their shiny new branding - and we absolutely love how it turned out.

Website Development

We recently helped develop their corporate site for their IPO announcement.


The Short

Square Pocket Media is a full service creative development agency, based out of Manhattan Beach, California. We practice beautiful design, functionality & creative reason. Our ethic is built upon obsessive, productive attention to detail.

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Typography Safari

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Masterfully Designed Objects

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Just saw this beautiful array of objects most of us take for granted. While most of their designers are unknown, their simplicity and utility have been almost universally unchallenged. You’ve likely used at least several of these tools for life…


The Leave A Compliment Project

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We started this project because we wanted to come up with an interesting reason to reach out to some old friends, family and former colleagues – to connect and catch up. What we came up with was an original designed package of compliments, so they could have some fun using them to brighten peoples’ days.


Dinner at Día de Campo

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It's always a treat when we create something virtual that becomes tangible and even experiential.  In this case of our new favorite restaurant, the illustrative typography was greeted us on the side of the building stared back at us from...